Hewland UPB Oil at Le Mans 2017

Aug 15th 2017

Hewland UPB Oil at Le Mans 2017

Hewland partnered with Millers Oils to develop a unique blend optimized specifically for the demands of top-level motorsports.  

Download the statement from Hewland Engineering, one of the world’s leading race gearbox manufactures. It describes the experiences that they had with their gearboxes in the Ligier LMP2 cars at the 24 hour of LeMans this year.  In the practice weeks leading up to LeMans, the various teams ran various gearbox oils. Some of these running Millers. The visible differences in the gearbox components and the data gathered was very clear. In fact the results were so clear that all of the Hewland equipped LMP2 cars ran Millers UPB Oils during the grueling 24 hour race.

Performance Racing Oils carries the full line of Millers Oils for Motorsports.

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