Racer Sponsorship Program

Millers Oil Racer Sponsorship by Performance Racing Oils


Sponsorship Offer:

20% discount on all eligible Millers Oils products. These includes all Motorsport products, racing brake fluid, Extra cool as well as other Nano-Drive products.


You do not need to win the race in order to redeem. Each time you race and get a result (even a DNF), as long as you are on the official timing sheet you can request a redemption for an oil purchase. There is no maximum quantity you can purchase nor is there any minimum you must order. 

This sponsorship program is available to any racer that resides in the USA. All forms of racing qualify as long as official results are provided by the sanctioning body so that participation can be verified.


  • Decals are not required on the vehicle for the first awards redemption, however are required for any subsequent redemption (2 stickers will be provided with your first order)
  • Location: One sticker must be placed on each side of the vehicle.


  • Racer discount can be claimed following the event by contacting us at 865-200-4264.
  • A picture of your vehicle clearly showing the Millers Oil decals prominently displayed (if required) and a copy of the race results will be needed.  
  • Participants submitting photos for awards redemption purposes understand and agree they will be authorizing Millers Oil and Performance Racing Oils to utilize their submitted photos for marketing purposes.

Marketing Information:

Many Oil companies choose to sponsor one or two big race teams so their name is ON the race car. We would rather give our support to smaller teams so they can put Millers Oils IN their cars. To start to understand why Millers race oils should be in your engine and transmission, please watch this very short video(it gets interesting around the 1:07 minute mark)


This optional Racer Sponsorship program is verified and paid for by Performance Racing oils, the North American importer of Millers Oils. Performance Racing Oils retains the right to change the program details at any time with or without notification.