Jan 19th 2017

The Used Oil Analysis of CFS 5w40 NT by Blackstone Labs

I just got back the UOA from Blackstone of my first fill of Millers Nano 5W40 CFS in my 2000 Boxster S. I did 5,921 miles over 10 months and the used oil had a TBN of 5.7. Out of these 5,921 miles, I did 13 HPDE track days, and the rest of the miles were mostly highway cruising to and from these events. I also had a huge off at the FIRM a few weeks ago (very sandy in FL) and I'm wondering if that is why I have elevated levels of silicon? I haven't opened up or sealed anything on the engine recently, last change was a deep sump installed November 2015 but I have already changed the oil since then (the previous UA on the report was after installing the sump).


Previous fill was Joe Gibbs DT40, and I added almost 2 quarts of makeup oil - over the last 10 months - 1 quart of Millers Nano CFS 5W40, and .75 quart of JG DT40 (added near the beginning) that I still had laying around. I'm out of DT40 now and will just be using Millers 5W40 from now on.