Classic Pistoneeze 20W50 Pistoneeze Mineral Oil

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This product is a moderate detergent premium SAE 20w50 multigrade mineral engine oil. High quality solvent refined base oils with latest technology performance additives and shear stable viscosity index improver. It is specifically engineered for classic cars incorporating a modern filtration systems. It is formulated with ZDDP (zinc/phosphorus).



Use as received for engine lubrication of primarily pre 1980 vehicles, both petrol and diesel, which were developed on the multigrade oils of their time.



 Incorporates modern additive technology with period viscometrics to provide the optimum lubrication characteristics.

 Suitable for higher mileage applications where oil consumption is a problem as high viscosity helps to reduce oil loss and leakage.

 The modern technology ensures an oil which will meet up to date specifications along with meeting the ‘period’ performance requirements.



This product can also be used where SAE 20, 30, 40 grades are recommended. API SJ.



SAE viscosity grade 20w50
Specific gravity at 15°C 0.833
Kinematic viscosity at 100°C 18.5cSt
Kinematic viscosity at 40°C 156.8cSt
Viscosity index 133
Pour point °C <-15
Flashpoint °C >200
Cold crank viscosity 9,500cP max