Deltaplex 2 EP (500g tub)

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  • Universal joint lubrication
  • All friction and plain bearings
  • Extreme Pressure lithium grease

A universal lithium complex grease suitable for all anti-friction and plain bearings and highly suitable for the lubrication of universal joints. Operating temperature range -20°C to + 150°C


  • The extreme pressure (EP) properties give protection where heavy or shock loading occurs, providing excellent lubrication over a wide range of operations and temperatures.
  • Highly resistant to water and good corrosion protection to protect the grease system and bearings. 


  • Colour Appearance Odour
  • Smooth Adhesive Grease
  • Thickener System
  • Lithium Complex Soap
  • Worked Penetration (IP50) 265 to 295
  • NLGI Class 2
  • Drop point, °C (IP132) 250 min
  • Four Ball Weld, kg (IP239) 450
  • Timken OK Load, kg 20
  • EMCOR Corrosion (IP220) 0:0
  • Base Oil Viscosity at 40 °C, c St mm2/s 180
  • Operating Temp Range, °C -20 to 150
  • Copper Corrosion Test (IP112) Pass
  • Base Oil Type Mineral Oil

Health and Safety Data Sheet 5305 applies to this product. When used for the purpose recommended and with due regard to the appropriate Health and Safety Data, the product should cause no concern. If in doubt, consult with Performance Racing Oils. For Technical assistance call Performance Racing Oils at 865-200-4264.